Teresa McDonell

Teresa is a Massage Therapist. This is what she does in her own words:

About my work

I first studied Holistic Massage in 2008 (ITEC Level 4 and BTEC Level 3). I have since taken further training and now my style of massage combines classic Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and neuro-muscular technique (trigger point massage).

I also tap into my instinctive and intuitive nature, ‘listening’ to what the body needs.

Holistic therapies aim to treat the individual as a whole – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – and help to promote self-healing.

Treatments available:

Holistic / Therapeutic Massage

In your treatment, I will use a blend of techniques to create a tailor-made treatment. In the consultation, we may identify specific areas to target or you may just want an overall relaxing massage.

Japanese Hand Massage

Often, our hands are over-used and not given the care and attention they need. This can lead to aching joints and further problems. This treatment taps into elements of Shiatsu and Reflexology to give you a deeply therapeutic, relaxing massage of hands and arms.