Greg CawoodGreg Cawood (550x309)

Greg identifies energetic stresses and health concerns through the BICOM Body Check. This is what Greg does, in his own words.

About my work

I am passionate about helping people achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness. Using the BICOMĀ® BodyCheck I can accurately identify energetic stresses and health concerns. I combine my Bicom Body Check and Bioresonance training with my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, physics and statistics, to interpret the body scan results and identify potential causes.

I have attended courses in BICOM bioresonance therapy conducted by the German Bioresonance Institute and I am a fully qualified sports and remedial massage therapist and hold diplomas in Sports Therapy and Remedial Massage. I was a massage therapist for athletes and competitors at the Sydney Olympics and a massage therapist for the Sydney Swans Australian Football League team.

I am also a qualified chartered accountant and previously worked as an internal audit and risk management consultant.