Bridget teaches the Alexander Technique, focussing on pain relief, stress and confidence through posture. This is what Bridget does, in her own words:

About my work


I see a fundamental difference between the Alexander technique and most therapies. The Alexander technique is not something you have ‘done to you’ but something you ‘actively engage in learning’. The focus is on bringing into consciousness habits that might be preventing you doing the things you want to do in the way you want to do them.  These are often habits of posture, movement or thinking. We work on interrupting those habits and exploring options that fit better with the way your body is naturally designed.

Here’s an example: It is common for people to experience neck and shoulder pain from working at a computer.  It is also common for people who work at computers to unknowingly tense their neck and their shoulders.  Seeking treatment for the pain is an obvious answer but ignoring the habit that is causing the problem makes it likely that the pain will just keep coming back.  Another option is to pay attention to how you sit at the computer, discover what in particular is causing the problem and begin to interrupt the old habit.  Only then will it be possible to allow your head to freely balance on top of your spine and let your arms be supported by your back just as they are designed to do.

The people I work with are so varied that no one day is the same – musicians who want to prevent repetitive strain injuries and to play with a greater sense of freedom, people keen to maintain or improve their mobility as they get older, people feeling stressed by work or life or both and people in pain to name a few.

The challenge for me is to find ways to teach each person in a way that makes sense to them.  My approach stems, in part, from my qualification as a coach and mentor which means; asking questions in order to help people tune into what they are doing, providing information and exploring alternatives.

I have to admit to being somewhat selfish in my choice of work.  My greatest wish is to live a long life,  to always be very physically active and to stay curious about the world.  A few years ago I met Elizabeth Walker, she was 94 at the time, still teaching Alexander technique to individuals and groups and still riding a bike.  She moved beautifully and had a lovely, cheeky, sharp wit.  I have no doubt that teaching contributed a great deal to how well she aged.  She’s my role model.

If you would like to book a lesson or discuss how the technique could help you please contact me through Ilkley Healing Centre, or via my website. I am always happy to answer questions

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