Shiatsu is a holistic therapy which brings harmony and balance to the whole person…

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese massage using finger pressure and stretching to move energy in the body and stimulate the body’s own healing ability . This holistic therapy works at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels bringing Harmony and balance to the whole person. Shiatsu is gentle, non intrusive, calming and relaxing.

How we manifest energy in the external world directly relates to our inner state. In every moment we have a choice in how we express ourselves within the restrictions of our social conditioning and self-limiting beliefs. Healing Shiatsu allows us to reconnect with our inner space, harmonising and relaxing the body, enabling us to create the possibility of change and growth.

When we are able to let go into the Here and Now and become Present we feel the joy of Being, and endless possibilities are available to us.

Jackie Knight

Healing Shiatsu (Dip Healing Shiatsu HSEC)