Energy Psychology (EFT)

Energy Psychology quickly clears stuck energy patterns from the body to free the mind…

Imagine if you could be free of the past? Free to feel calm, think clearly and get on with living your life.

And yet for all of us, emotions and reactions from shock and stress long gone, get stuck in our minds and our bodies. They colour our thoughts and feelings and create more stress by keeping us stuck in old patterns of behaviour.

EFT tapping and TAT are simple Energy Psychology techniques that use your own words together with acupressure to quickly clear the energy of negative emotions. In these sessions you benefit from the therapy and you also learn how to use the techniques for yourself, thus reducing the number of sessions you need with the therapist.

Energy Psychology is not psychotherapy and you will not be asked to dwell on the past or analyse why things happened. We simply clear the emotions so that they no longer ‘grab’ you and you can move on.

gwyneth-mossGwyneth Moss

EFT Master, Founder of the EFT Guild, and internationally recognised EFT trainer and presenter.