Counselling sessions take place in private in a safe and comfortable environment and all information is treated in confidence…

Counselling is a way of meeting with and relating to another person/couple, without judgment, in order to help them to explore whatever issues and/or concerns are around for them.

Within this shared journey you can come to understand what is going on in your life, particularly what you are doing, thinking and feeling, and make sense of your experiences.

As a result of this exploration you will probably find new ways of looking at things and feel empowered and in control. You will then be able to decide what you want to do in future, rehearse and begin to do whatever it takes to ensure that it will happen.

Joanne BensonJoanne Benson

Counselling for teenagers and young adults.

BSc Therapeutic Counselling, Leeds Met University, Diploma in Counselling and Human Relations, Bradford University, Member of the BACP.