Bailey Flower Essences

Bailey flower essences are used for developing areas of our spiritual and emotional growth, for helping us to grow and understand ourselves and to make the very best of our lives…

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Flower essences are very dilute extracts of plants, often the flowers. The vibration of the plant is held in the memory of the water and preserved in the purest of alcohol.

They are usually taken internally, a few drops at a time. Sometimes people use them on the skin, in a spray, or in the bath.

Most of our illnesses relate to our way of living and our attitudes to life and the world around us. Diet and environment do have a major influence on health but so also do our mental attitudes. Indeed, for many people, mental attitudes are the key factors which affect their health, for good or ill.

Fears and tensions can lock up muscles, distort the skeleton, depress the immune system, affect all the endocrine secretions, and therefore compromise our health. On the other hand, if we are relaxed and coping easily with the stresses of life, then our health will benefit accordingly.

Flower essences help to release pent up emotions that may otherwise cause damage in our lives.

The Bailey essences can bring about much-needed change in our life. They act as catalysts for this change, and are concerned with bringing us up to date rather than dwelling on past difficulties. We are then able to move forward along our own true path, to sing our own particular life-song, a song of rejoicing.

They have been referred to as a “new generation of flower essences”, and that is indeed what they are. In truth, they bear no relation whatever to conventional allopathic medicine; their action is far wider. They are concerned with personal healing and growth at all the levels of body, mind and spirit.